Yong-nyo Lee, Survivor/Activist of “Comfort Women” Passed Away


Yong-nyo Lee, Survivor/Activist of “Comfort Women” Passed Away
Yong-nyo Lee, one of the most vocal ‘Comfort Women’ survivor/activist who passed away on Aug. 11, 2013 in Korea, is remembered in front of the General Consulate of Japan in Los Angeles.

Statement from Rep. Ed Royce [Click here to view a PDF]

Statement issued by Korean American Forum of California on the death of Yong-nyo Lee.
August 14, 2013
We are participating in today’s event filled with both sadness and anger.
We are not here simply to say good-bye to Grandma Lee Yong-Nyeo.
Today is the day Grandma Kim Hak Soon first revealed to the world 22 years ago that she was a sex slave of the Japanese military.
It is also a very special day which is designated the “World Comfort Women Day” in memory of such courage.
We are here to convict the Abe government in Japan, its supporters and Consul General Jun Niimi, who continue to issue shameful statements despite the fact that their country committed the most inhumane crime in the world history.
All of the grandmas testify that they lived daily lives as sex slaves in truly inhumane conditions.
Those who claim that Japan had already apologized and provided compensations are only further recognizing their deeds. If they feel any shame for spreading the knowledge of their past deeds throughout the world, they should stop their absurd statements and extend sincere apology and compensation to the victims.
Even after all of the grandmas pass away, the justice that we’ve all been waiting for will certainly be revealed. We will continue to spread knowledge of this tragedy to every part of the world until that day comes.
We hope the wise Japanese people will urge their government to immediately apologize and build friendly relationship with its neighboring countries. We hope they remember that people throughout the world are sincerely praying for Japan’s soon repentance.
Korean American Forum of California
Los Angeles, CA

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