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“We abhor the continual and ubiquitous state-sponsored wartime violation of women and children.  We believe that one way to prevent such horrors as the “comfort women” experienced before and during World War II is to speak the full and unclouded truth about these painful stories to a global audience.  It is our greatest hope to play our humble part in promoting this mission and thereby putting an end to wartime crimes against women and children.”

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The proposed ad.
The proposed ad.


Prime Minister Abe has been invited to speak at a joint session of Congress on April 29th of this year.

In spite of international calls to accept historical truth and offer a sincere apology for Japan’s war crimes including the military sexual slavery, the Japanese government has set aside a half-billion dollar budget to counter the “misconception” and “inaccuracies” about Japan’s wartime history. Toward this end, it has actively interfered in the scholarly work of the authors of McGraw-Hill textbook of the United States, demanding the revision or deletion of the section where the “comfort women” atrocity is described.  19 scholars in the United States have issued a statement condemning the Japanese Government for attempting to skew history and intimidate scholars.

This debacle is only the latest in decades of historical revisionism from the Japanese government.  It only goes to show the extent of the government’s denial and avoidance in regard to the “comfort women” issue, adding insult to injury once again.


Please join us to give voice to the victims and place a full page ad in the Washington Post or The Hill. Visit our Indiegogo page, Abe Must Apologize today and make your contribution. Any amount helps!

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The U.S. Capitol building.

In 2007, US House of Representative unanimously passed H.Res.121, urging the Japanese Government to apologize in sincere and unequivocal manner for the largest case of systematic sexual slavery by Imperial Armed Forces of Japan.

William Andrews’ 2014 novel, Daughters of the Dragon: A Comfort Woman’s Story.
A student reading Daughters of the Dragon.


We must teach the next generation about these uncomfortable truths so that history will never repeat itself.  Contribute today to donate more books to US public libraries.



Wall Street Journal – June 24, 2014

Wall Street Journal:

Lost in the Wrangle: Justice for Comfort Women

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Photo Credit: CCTV April 26, 2014


Obama says Japan’s wartime sex slavery was ‘terrible’ violation

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Mike Honda meets a ‘Comfort Woman’
Mike Honda meets a ‘Comfort Woman’

“Violence Against Women Must Be Recognized and Stopped Around the World”

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In search of justice for Imperialist Japan’s “comfort women,” a handful of residents in California joined a national grassroots movement to promote the historic House Resolution 121, aka ‘Comfort Women Resolution’, which unanimously passed on July 30, 2007.

In an effort to continue to raise awareness regarding this unresolved history, as well as to push the government of Japan to formally acknowledge and apologize for its shameful history of military sexual slavery, these same advocates formed the Korean American Forum of California a few years later.  Our first effort was to build “comfort women” memorials in California, not only to continue to levy pressure on the government of Japan, but also to raise public awareness.